Naval Clash! (Sami)

Naval Clash! (Sami)
Navalclash s.png

Captain Drake!->Naval Clash! (Sami)->Wings of Victory!
Mission Details
Protect Both Landers
Capture HQ or Rout
Moderately Hard
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
1 Infantry
1 Mechs
2 Tanks
1 Artillery
1 Rockets
2 Battleships
1 Cruiser
2 Lander
1 Submarine
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
Fog of War
# HQs
18 (6 Orange Star, 9 Green Earth, 3 Neutral)

In Sami's version of Naval Clash!, she has to protect both of her Landers because Orange Star is suffering from a shortage of them.

If Drake is able to destroy one of those Landers, you'll lose this battle!

[edit] Intel

Naval Clash! is the 16th mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. On Sami's Route she runs into another Fog of War situation. This time, there are Units to protect: specifically her Landers.

Similar to last Mission, Sami's forces have an even balance to them while Drake has a bit more firepower in general and with his Navy in particular.

Capture the enemy HQ or Rout the enemy to defeat Drake, but don't lose your Landers or you will lose!

[edit] Strategy

At the outset both of your Landers are within range of landing on the nearby, south shore. Load your Medium Tank and Rockets into the East Lander, then move that Lander 5 West and 2 North, dropping both Units. At the same time, load a Tank and Mech onto the other Lander; loading a Mech onto an APC prior to that is optional but not necessary.

Bring the other Lander back on Day 2 and load it up with your Recon and a Tank. Land those Units in that same landing area on Day 3. Continue landing your remaining Units in that same area as you advance.

Once you're done transporting Ground Units across to Drake's shore, move your Landers into Reefs to keep them safe. If they take too much damage you can Join your Landers to ensure that you don't lose one and lose the battle as a result.

At sea, move your Battleship into the Reef, while moving the Cruiser close to the Battleship and having the Submarine Dive. This combination of Battleship, Cruiser and Submarine will be necessary to keep the waters clear. Your Cruiser will be needed to dispatch his Submarine, while the combination of Battleship and Submarine will be needed to help defeat his Battleships.

When your Battleship doesn't have targets to hit at Sea, take advantage of enemy targets on land, only moving between Reefs due to enemy Indirect Combat Units lurking in the forests on the opposite side.

The Ground Units that you land will take care of everything that's on land. Move your Rockets into the nearby Forest to take care of approaching Ground Units, and a Cruiser that's within its range upon landing. The Medium Tank should be in the Forest north of the first City.

Advance carefully and dispose of all approaching Ground Units, but be careful of Indirect Combat Units, especially near Drake's HQ! Once the hidden Artillery is defeated you won't have any problems Capturing the HQ for the win!

The map below shows where Drake's Units are positioned at the start of the battle.

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