Missiles are an indirect combat unit that can only target Air Units. They cost 12,000G to deploy.

While Missiles have a limited movement range of only four spaces, their firing range is equivalent to Rockets as its range is 3-5 spaces. In Fog of War Missiles have a vision range of 5 spaces, equaling the vision range of Recon units for the widest amongst Ground units.

Missiles can easily shoot down air units, such as a Fighter or T Copter, making this a devastating Anti-Air deterrent. Like the other indirect combat units, Missiles may not fire on the turn they move. Missiles are very situational to use, seeing as many maps do not have an airport for either team to use. Still, missiles can be useful when fighting COs that specialize in the air such as Waylon and Eagle.

[edit] Tips

While Missiles are only useful for clearing out air units, they do this job with frightening efficiency, causing massive damage to all Air Units. That said, they should be protected like all other Indirect Combat Units.

Missile Units cannot fire on a cloaked Stealth Fighter Unit in Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

When the opponent is using Missile units, the best way to clear them out is to use Ground-Based Units or a Battleship, as Missiles cannot fire on anything that isn't an Air Unit.

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