The Mini-Cannon is a Black Hole Invention designed by Lash. It is similar to the Black Cannon in which it does damage to a target that is within its range, but its range is significantly less and it does 3HP damage to anything within range.

Due to its size its possible to be lined up within range of more than one Mini-Cannon in a turn. Mini-Cannons can also face left or right, which a Black Cannon cannot do.

Mini-Cannons can be attacked directly and will be destroyed after they take 99HP Damage.

[edit] Tips

Take advantage of the smaller range that Mini-Cannons possess and use Rockets or Direct Combat units on an angle that the cannons aren't facing to damage them!

Like the Black Cannon, the Mini-Cannon's AI will also prefer to target Transports. This can be used to your advantage!

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