Max Strikes! (Andy Advanced)

Max Strikes! (Andy Advanced) links here. For the Normal Campaign version of this mission, Click Here.

Max Strikes! (Andy Advanced)
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Air Ace! (Advanced)->Max Strikes! (Andy Advanced)->Max's Folly? (Advanced)
Mission Details
Capture HQ or Rout
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
2 Mechs
3 Tanks
5 Medium Tanks
2 Artillery
2 Rockets
4 Battleships
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
# HQs
11 (3 Orange Star, 5 Blue Moon, 3 Neutral)
4 (2 Orange Star, 2 Blue Moon)
2 (1 Orange Star, 1 Blue Moon)
Max joins up with Andy prior to this mission, but on this path Andy takes command. Max hits very hard with Direct Combat Units but struggles with Indirect Combat Units

Also introduced for the first time in the Advanced Campaign is Seaports. These allow you to deploy Naval Units, and Naval Units can go here to restock supplies and restore HP.

This is also the start of the first branched path of the Advanced Campaign. By choosing Andy you play this version of Max Strikes!; for Max's version of Max Strikes! click here.

Capture the HQ or defeat all enemies to stop Olaf cold, but it won't be easy by any stretch of the imagination!

[edit] Intel

Max Strikes! (Advanced) is the fourth mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. Max joins the group before this mission, but in this version of the mission Andy was selected to lead the battle, drawing Max's ire.

What will draw your ire: an extreme disadvantage in unit numbers and firepower compared to this version's counterpart in Campaign mode, which was even. Here, in the Advanced Campaign version of this mission, you have only nine Units compared to Olaf having 18 Units at his disposal and a greater firepower advantage than before.

[edit] Strategy

This has the potential to get ugly in a hurry, but the quickest way to win here will be to take his HQ due to Olaf having four Battleships at sea and a powerful ground force ready to move in and attack.

Start by moving an Infantry onto your Lander and moving that Lander two South. Move one of your Tanks Southeast with the other one moving two spaces in front of your Artillery, lining up that Artillery right behind that Tank. Your other Infantry should move North while moving your APC Southeast. APC's will be the unit which you'll be deploying primarily with this strategy, as transports will draw the enemy's attention more often than not.

At sea, move your Submarine five East and Dive. At this point end Day 1 after deploying an APC. Load the Tank onto the Lander, then move the Lander one South and four East, which puts it next to one Battleship and in range of two others. The Battleship should move two East, one South and two more East here while the Submarine attacks the Battleship at the rear of the formation.

On land, line up your Infantry to where your Tank was, which should attack the advancing Medium Tank after the Artillery fires on it. Continue to deploy APC's, as they'll be the primary distraction, which will allow your Lander to reach Olaf's HQ. Draw the Medium Tank away by moving your Submarine four East and having it Surface on Day 3. This distraction will keep that Medium Tank occupied

Move the lander one South and the rest East while deploying 2 APC's; don't attack on land or else the Medium Tank will be gone and your Tank will risk being destroyed by the advancing Tanks.

Be sure when landing your Tank and Infantry that your Infantry will be within range of reaching Olaf's HQ to start Capturing it. The Tank will need to attack the Rockets Unit to shut down the indirect combat threat; if Olaf remains distracted with your Submarine and Tank you'll have the battle won at this point!

The alternative would be holding Olaf off long enough on land and at sea until you can destroy the Units surrounding Blue Moon HQ, then landing Infantry to take it. This takes much longer and will likely result in a C Rank.

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