Max's Folly? (Advanced)

Max's Folly? (Advanced) links here. For the Normal Campaign version of this mission, Click Here.

Max's Folly? (Advanced)
Mission Details
Survive 5 Days
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
2 Infantry
2 Tanks
1 Medium Tank
4 Artillery
7 Rockets
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
# HQs
16 (2 Orange Star, 14 Blue Moon, 0 Neutral)

The survival method of winning a battle makes its debut in the Advanced Campaign, and if you think the march to protect your HQ from capture on Day 4 will be a simple one, you're in for a shock! Stronger Indirect Combat Units guard the route and you've got less to work with!

This is also the first mission in the Advanced Campain in which you have to play as one commander; in this case because Max gets angry at Grit. If you chose Max for Max Strikes!, then that mission in which you have only one commander to choose from is History Lesson! (Advanced)

Difficulty increase aside, the method of winning is the same: don't allow your HQ to be Captured or get Routed over a period of 5 Days to win the battle!

[edit] Intel

Grit, you are one arrogant piece of work! -- Max

Max's Folly? (Advanced) is the fifth mission of Advance Wars' Advanced Campaign. Prior to this mission Grit gets under Andy's skin again by calling him Junior, but he really angers Max, forcing you into a tight spot, even by Advanced Campaign's lofty standards. His Infantry are poised to capture your HQ within four days, so you need to get there no matter what.

Grit has a lot of Indirect Combat Units on the battlefield, which only serves to complicate things, and to make matters worse, they're stronger than this mission's Normal Campaign version. To top it all off you've got two fewer Units to work with this time around.

After the mission, Andy and Max will still put things behind them and start to get along.

[edit] Strategy

Time is of the essence here, so you'll need to get moving right away to save your HQ! Start by destroying the nearby Artillery with your Northeast Tank from the South. Line up the other Tank one North of that and advance the Medium Tanks.

One Infantry should move two East over the Mountains, while load up the other Infantry into an APC and drop it in the Mountains one North and West of the Rockets Unit. Line up the Artillery one South of that APC and the other Artillery one South and East of that Unit; advance one Rockets North and the other North and East so it is one South of the Artillery.

Your Indirects will help on Day 2, using them to pound away at Grit's Artillery, Rockets and Medium Tank. Don't worry if the Rockets Unit doesn't get finished off by your Infantry--if this happens the damaged Rocket will be able to take it out.

From here, keep pushing forward to stop Grit's Infantry from capturing your HQ, which will allow you to survive the required five days to win the battle provided you don't somehow get Routed in that span.

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