It's War! (Advanced)

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It's War! (Advanced)
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It's War! (Advanced)->Gunfighter! (Advanced)
Mission Details
Capture HQ or Rout
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
4 Infantry
2 Mechs
2 Tanks
3 Medium Tanks
2 Artillery
2 Rockets
2 Anti-Air
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
# HQs
15 (3 Orange Star, 4 Blue Moon, 6 Neutral)

After going through Campaign Mode once, you'll unlock the Advance Campaign, which is available to purchase at the Battlemaps shop for one Coin.

Common threads for this mode include harder missions, going against stronger forces while your own forces remained the same or were reduced. Plus some Units appear in different positions, and to top it all off: some missions are Fog of War missions in the Advanced Campaign only.

However, the Coin payouts per level are double compared to the normal Campaign.


[edit] Intel

It's War! is the first mission of Advance Wars' Advanced Campaign. You started with 11 Units in the Normal Campaign, but that number was reduced to 9 for the Advanced Campaign. To make matters worse, Olaf starts out with a stronger force than this mission's Campaign Mode equivalent.

While the same "Divide and Conquer" principles remain to an extent, holding two fronts will be harder, especially without a Medium Tank on your side.

Regardless the difficulty the objective remains the same: Capture Olaf's HQ or Rout all his forces to win the day!

[edit] Strategy

[edit] Capture HQ

In the Normal Campaign version of this mission, you could send one group of units North and a second group South and win the battle without trouble. This time around: not so much, as that strategy will take longer and have more casualties on your side.

So this calls for a different strategy, which happens often in Advanced Campaign. Your entire force will either be sent to the North or South to try and fend off Olaf's forces long enough to take his HQ. Sending them all to the North appears to be the easier of the two options because the South will have a Medium Tank advancing while the North will not.

The only attack that you'll be making using this strategy is attacking the Blue Moon Tank on the North front from its south. Line up your North Artillery and lone Mech behind it, while moving everything else North and lining up your other Tank south of the North Artillery.

On Day 1 Olaf will only attack your North Artillery with his Tank while moving other Units forward. Use your Mech to send it packing! Like in the Normal Campaign version of this mission, he'll line up one of his Artillery units in range of your Artillery, which can be used to your advantage. An attack from your Damaged Artillery and full HP Tank will take it out.

Attack the Anti-Air Unit with your other Tank, which will cause Olaf to charge with his other Anti-Air along with drawing fire from a Rockets Unit. This part is the critical portion of the strategy: on Day 3 move your Tank that's in the west two spaces North and three East. Load an Infantry into your APC and move the APC Right behind that Tank without Dropping the Unit. Line up the damaged Tank one space East and one space South of the full HP Tank, firing on the Anti-Air.

Most importantly of all: the other Units won't move again for the rest of the battle. This is to draw Olaf's attention; if he takes the bait and everything goes well you'll have one Tank left with 2 HP and 5 HP left on your APC. If this is the setup on Day 4, move your remaining Tank 5 spaces East and one North with your APC moving 6 East and Dropping the Infantry to its East. Start capturing the HQ on Day 5 while moving that remaining Tank one South to block the bridge if it didn't get attacked on Day 4.

If that Infantry doesn't get attacked on Day 6, you win!

[edit] Rout

Routing Olaf's forces here is really challenging, and not recommended if you're going for an S Rank. But it can be done if played carefully. Move your North Tank one space East to block the mountains and move the Artillery right behind it. Don't move the Mech because if the Mech gets targeted it'll be able to take the Tank out after the Artillery fires; likewise if the Tank gets attacked the Mech will finish the job after Artillery fire.

In the South, line everything up at the bridge and behind it, using your Recon or South Tank to hold the bridge with Artillery covering the position. The Southern Medium Tank that Olaf starts with will be on that bridge by Day 3; at that juncture you'll want both Artillery Units down there to dispatch it.

From here keep sending Units back and forth between the North and South fronts as you defeat Olaf's forces! Remember to draw in both of Olaf's Medium Tanks and shell them with Artillery fire to take them both out!

The other tricky part: the rockets. If you lose your Tanks a Mech-loaded APC will be the only thing that can get in its range shadow prior to attack if you elect against driving Artillery within two spaces of those Units.

This strategy will likely end with a C Rank, but is challenging to pull off due to the reduced number of Units that you have!

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