A Black Hole infantry unit.
"An Orange Star infantry unit."

Infantry units are the most basic form of soldiers you control. The infantry units carry Machine guns and can fire on other ground units. Air units can fire on infantry units but they cannot fire on Air units. The units have 10 HP.

One of the crucial abilities of the infantry unit is its ability to capture vacant or enemy buildings, such as Bases, Cities, or even the enemy HQ.

A stronger form of the Infantry unit is the Mech, which stands for Mechanized Infantry.

A more mobile version of the Infantry unit was introduced in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, the Bike, an Infantry unit which can move up to five spaces, but cannot traverse mountains.

Infantry cost 1000G to produce and have a movement range of 3 spaces. The Orange Star CO Sami specializes in using Infantry and Mech units. Infantry get a sight bonus when atop a mountain in Fog of War maps, adding +3 to their vision range.

[edit] Unit Stats

OrangeStarBattle Infantry.png OrangeStarField Infantry.png
Infantry (Advance Wars)
BlueMoonField Infantry.png BlueMoonBattle Infantry.png
Movement Cost Information
PlainMark.png 1 WoodMark.png 1 MountainMark.png 2 RiverMark.png 2 RoadMark.png 1 ShoalMark.png 1 SeaMark.png --- ReefMark.png ---
Statistical Information
Gas.png 99/99 Infantry units survive through rations that are slowly depleted as they move.
Vision.png 2-5 Though at a default of 3, vision can change based on terrain or upgrades.
Movement.png 3 Movement is limited as an Infantry unit. They cannot cross sea tiles.
Damage Chart
BlueMoonField Infantry.png Infantry 55 BlueMoonField Missile.png Missiles 25
BlueMoonField Mech.png Mech 45 BlueMoonField Fighter.png Fighter ---
BlueMoonField Recon.png Recon 12 BlueMoonField Bomber.png Bomber ---
BlueMoonField Tank.png Tank 5 BlueMoonField Copter.png B Copter 7
BlueMoonField Midtank.png Medium Tank 1 BlueMoonField T-Copter.png T Copter 30
BlueMoonField APC.png APC 14 BlueMoonField Ship.png Battleship ---
BlueMoonField Artillery.png Artillery 15 BlueMoonField Cruiser.png Cruiser ---
BlueMoonField Rocket.png Rockets 25 BlueMoonField Lander.png Lander ---
BlueMoonField Anti-Air.png Anti-Air 5 BlueMoonField Sub.png Submarine ---
YellowCometBattle Infantry.png YellowCometField Infantry.png
GreenEarthField Infantry.png GreenEarthBattle Infantry.png

[edit] Tips

Since Infantry are cheap, you can produce a great number of them with enough bases. This means that creating a giant number of Infantry is useful for walling up a spot. A unit may only destroy one unit a turn, so a high amount of Infantry will take a long time to eliminate.

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