Gunfighter! (Advanced)

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Gunfighter! (Advanced)
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It's War! (Advanced)->Gunfighter! (Advanced)->Air Ace! (Advanced)
Mission Details
Capture HQ or Rout
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
# HQs
19 (5 Orange Star, 6 Blue Moon, 8 Neutral)
2 (Both Orange Star)
Blue Moon CO Grit clearly gets a significantly stronger force in the Advanced Campaign version of Gunfighter!, causing the basic strategy of this mission to be different compared to its Normal Campaign version.

The good news is that those two Tanks and one Artillery in the North-West part of the map won't be able to charge your HQ. The bad news is that Grit is using a total of 6 Indirect Combat Units compared to four in the Normal Campaign version of this mission.

The objective remains the same: Capture his HQ or Rout the enemy to stop Grit!

[edit] Intel

Gunfighter! (Advanced) is the second mission of Advance Wars' Advanced Campaign. You start with only two Infantry, but you have Bases, which are used to deploy Units every turn.

On the other end, Grit has a total of 18 Units deployed compared to having only 13 deployed in the Normal Campaign.

What gets deployed and when it gets deployed will be key to winning this mission.

[edit] Strategy

Your two Infantry aren't in a great spot to start the mission, so move them both two West and one North. In terms of deployments, don't deploy anything on Day 1 so you'll be able to deploy a Medium Tank on Day 2. This Medium Tank will be needed to defeat Grit's oncoming Tank and Medium Tanks.

Use one of your Infantry to attack the Artillery unit on the other side of the river, but attack from the river. Retreat the other Infantry two West and one South, with the Medium Tank being deployed at the adjacent Base. Attack the Tank from the South with the Medium Tank, and from the West with your healthy Infantry. This will draw the fire away from your Medium Tank; the AI prefers to target Infantry.

Deploy two Recons on Day 3, which will be used for finishing off a retreating Tank and one of the oncoming Artillery units. Which Artillery Unit you attack is your choice, but deploy an Infantry alongside a third Recon to draw the damaged Medium Tank away. Finish off the charging Medium Tank on Day 5, along with the damaged Artillery that your Recon attacked.

Deploy two Recons here (which will be the deployment for the next few days) because Grit will likely be using Snipe Attack at this time, along with sending Infantry over to your side of the river. But at this time you should have Hyper Repair ready, use it and destroy the other Artillery in the area with a Recon/Medium Tank combination.

The Recons that get deployed over the next few days will be tasked with repulsing Grit's Infantry. While deploying an Infantry & APC on Day 8 or Day 9 is ideal to prepare for capturing Grit's HQ, but you'll also have a second Medium Tank to deal with. Repair your Medium Tank if possible before taking on the second Medium Tank, and once that's defeated use your Recon to attack Grit's Rockets that are near his HQ.

This attack will draw in his northernmost Tank unit, which can be easily dispatched by your Medium Tank. While the Tank is attacking your Recons, drop your Infantry from your APC in range to capture his HQ! If this doesn't work the first time, then redeploy the APC and Infantry or Mech and make a second attempt.

A similar deployment strategy is needed to rout Grit, but you'll need to use Rockets to destroy the Artillery on the other side of the river, along with Mechs to take out the adjacent Tanks.

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