Fog of War

Fog of War links here. For the Field Training Mission in Advance Wars, see Fog of War (Mission).

Fog of War is a situation in a mission in which fog limits the vision of all the units on the battlefield.

During a Fog of War mission, the Vision of each unit comes into play, as a unit that isn't within the vision range of one of your units cannot be fired upon. Units that are in the woods or shoals cannot be fired upon unless an enemy unit is right next to it.

An Infantry or Mech Unit can increase their vision range by 3 spaces when they scale a Mountain, which can really come in handy when the Fog of War rolls in.

Should a unit's movement orders be cancelled during a Fog of War mission, the spaces that unit would have moved will go against that unit's fuel level and will count as fuel consumed. Doing this too many times can cause a unit to run out of fuel abruptly.

Yellow Comet CO Sonja is at her best in Fog of War Missions, as her units have a +1 Vision rating. Additionally, her CO Powers allow units to peer into the woods and reefs.


[edit] Games Info

[edit] Advance Wars

During the Advance Campaign, enemy (AI) units will strike from out of nowhere during Fog of War missions despite being outside their vision range. This is because the AI doesn't exactly play things "by the book" so to say: Units that are hidden in Forests and Reefs will be ignored unless an opposing Unit happens to be next to it, but other than that your Units will get fired upon by the AI whether they're in vision range or not.

[edit] Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

The issue with enemy (AI) units striking from outside their vision range in the previous game is rectified, leveling the playing field for Fog of War missions.

[edit] Advance Wars: Dual Strike

When it rains during a battle, in addition to the Fog of War rolling in, all units suffer a one-space reduction in their vision ranking while it is raining, but vision will never go less than 1 on any given unit.

[edit] Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

In Fog of War battles, pillars of Fire illuminate up to a five-square radius except for hiding places. New hiding places also make their debuts: Ruins can hide ground units in a manner similar to woods, and Sea Mist can hide naval units in a manner similar to Shoals.

A new unit is also added with a specialty for Fog of War missions, the Flare Unit. This unit can fire a Flare up to five spaces away to illuminate that area for the rest of that particular turn. While limited to only three, this can also see into hiding places where an enemy unit could be hiding.

The rain also throws a new wrinkle into the Fog of War mix, as the rain stops the pillars of flame from illuminating the spaces that surround it.

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