Divide and Conquer!

Divide and Conquer!

Kanbei's Error?->Divide and Conquer!->Sami Marches On!
Mission Details
Capture HQ or Rout
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
3 Infantry
4 Tanks
2 Artillery
3 Rockets
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
Fog of War
# HQs
14 (3 Orange Star, 6 Yellow Comet, 5 Neutral)

By completing Kanbei Arrives! in less than or equal to 8 Days, Mighty Kanbei! in 10 Days or less, and Kanbei's Error? in 12 Days or fewer, three additional Yellow Comet missions have been accessed prior to the Green Earth missions. Each battle features a set CO that faces Sonja, as Max has been separated from both Andy and Sami.

[edit] Intel

Hey! Where is everybody? --Max

Divide and Conquer! is the 12th mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. Max has been separated from both Andy and Sami, and is facing a Yellow Comet force against one a Commander who is at her best in such a situation: Sonja.

What makes Sonja tough in a Fog of War situation is that her Units have an increased range of vision, able to see an extra space farther than usual. This gets furthered by her CO Power, Enhanced Vision, which increases that vision range by an extra space AND shows where enemy units are hiding in Forests, Reefs and elsewhere.

Also, Sonja is able to keep the HP of her Units hidden from opponents, so if you don't remember how much HP is left on one of her Units you might run into trouble!

However, what hurts Sonja the most in this particular game is a case of constant bad luck. Most CO's will do up to 10% more damage than the random estimate would show. However, Sonja can do anywhere from 5% to 15% less damage than the shown estimate. This can cause problems in terms of battle plans on her end, which can work to an opponent's advantage.

The battle starts with both sides having 12 Units. Capture the HQ or Defeat all Enemies to find out what Sonja is up to!

[edit] Strategy

By moving one of your Mechs into the Mountains that are two spaces North of where your APC starts, you'll find a Rockets Unit. One of Max's Tanks will have no problem taking it out in one attack; use your East Tank so the Tank next to it will be able to move four North and one West to take a position in that Forest. The other Mech should Load onto an APC for the Southeast Cities.

Move your far west Infantry one space South and the other Infantry two East into the Mountains, expanding the vision around it. Here you can either move the nearby Tank one South or move the Artillery behind the Tank; despite the limited range if your Tank gets attacked it'll be in perfect position for a counter-attack.

You'll want your Medium Tank towards the center of the battlefield because of oncoming enemy Units. By Day 3 two Tanks will be in that area, perfect for getting overpowered!

The only Unit near her HQ is a lone Tank in a nearby Forest. Find and destroy it, then Capture her HQ, but be careful of Artillery and Rockets that are hiding in the Forests!

It's easy to get decimated here if you advance blindly without taking out enemy Artillery and Rockets, but if you proceed with caution, carefully scouting out Sonja and use the Forests as much as possible, you won't have too much trouble.

This map below shows where the opposing Yellow Comet forces start.

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