Captain Drake! (Sami)

Captain Drake! (Sami)
Captaindrake s.png

Sonja's Goal!->Captain Drake! (Sami)->Naval Clash!
Mission Details
Capture 15 Properties
Moderately Hard
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
2 Infantry
2 Mechs
1 Tank
1 Artillery
2 Battleships
2 Cruisers
1 Lander
1 Submarine
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
Fog of War
# HQs
18 (4 Orange Star, 5 Green Earth, 9 Neutral)
5 (0 Orange Star, 2 Green Earth, 3 Neutral)
3 (0 Orange Star, 1 Green Earth, 2 Neutral)

Once completing the Yellow Comet missions, which end at either Kanbei's Error? or Sonja's Goal! should certain conditions be met in the first three Yellow Comet missions, the Orange Star forces make the turn for Green Earth.

Nothing comes easy, as they run into Green Earth forces, but they aren't commanded by Eagle: they're being helmed by Drake, a CO who specializes with using Naval Units. Those Naval Units have higher firepower and Defense ratings, but he struggles with Air Units.

Drake's CO Power Tsunami will strike all of your Units for 1 HP Damage, but Units that already have 1 HP remaining won't be destroyed.

[edit] Intel

Hmm, this could be a tough nut to crack. --Sami

Captain Drake! is the 15th mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. On Sami's Route she runs into a Fog of War situation in which she needs to capture Properties to win the battle.

Sami has a more balanced force to start out with but lacks deployment capabilities at the outset. To further complicate things, if it Rains during a Fog of War battle, the Vision of all Units on the battlefield is reduced by one.

Capture 15 Properties before Drake does to win the battle!

[edit] Strategy

The strategy of this mission can easily be thrown awry by the randomness of the weather. Snow will hinder the movement of all Units. Be flexible with the weather if necessary, or save the game prior to Ending the day--by doing this you can Reset if you get either of the two on the following day.

One thing that will always remain the same: on both sides of the Mountains and the pass in the map's center, there are 14 Properties on each side of the Mountains. Don't allow Drake to capture any of the Properties on the North side of the Mountains and you won't lose.

Start by loading both Mechs, or a Mech and Infantry onto the Lander that is in their movement range. Move the Lander 3 East and 3 South, dropping both Units in that area to the Lander's East and South. Load an Infantry or Mech onto your APC, then load the loaded APC onto the other Lander, along with your Rockets Unit. This Lander can be unloaded on the Shoal 3 spaces North, dropping both Units. Both Landers should return to your HQ area to pick up the remaining Units on Day 2.

The remaining Infantry that's near HQ can either move South to be ready for the next Lander, or if close enough, into the Mountains to see farther. As for the other Naval Units, they can all move South uninhibited for the first day.

A lot of Drake's activities will be concealed early on due to the fog until his Units move into Vision range.

On Day 2, begin taking Cities with your Infantry, while unloading your APC on the Neutral City near the Mechs. This Infantry or Mech should make a move to capture the nearby Neutral Base on Day 3. Move your Rockets south while loading up your remaining Units onto your Landers. These Units will be dropped on Day 3.

Move your Battleship and Cruiser into nearby Reefs, while having both Submarines Dive without moving them. This will create a wall from which your Battleship will be able to fire upon the Cruiser with a Sub finishing it off thereafter. Move the other Submarine in between the two Reefs, with the Cruiser moving to occupy it.

With the two Subs positioned here, you'll be able to see where Drake's Ground Units are moving. From here, keep attacking Drake's Ground Units while capturing Properties. Your Navy is positioned to finish off the Navy that Drake starts with in the West, using your Cruiser to sink the Sub while using your Battleship and Submarines to sink Drake's Battleship.

When your Rockets move into the Mountain Pass, make sure there isn't an enemy Unit waiting to ambush.

The eventual objective is to push South and take one of the Cities on the South side of the map. Somewhere between Day 8 and Day 10 you should have 14 Properties captured. Landing a Medium Tank in the Southwest will draw Drake's attention to that part of the map, opening up the Southern Pass. A Lander built from the East Seaport, loaded with an Infantry and second Medium Tank will have a great chance at taking a City closing out the mission, backed by a Mech at the South end of the Mountains positioned in range to get to a City when Sami's CO Power Double Time gets used.

If that doesn't work, the alternate method is to send a Battleship along with a Submarine and Lander loaded with an Infantry and Tank to take one of the Cities near Drake's HQ to win the battle. A Cruiser will be coming around from that side at the mission's outset, which won't be a problem until Day 7 if you don't send any Naval Units that way. Should that be the route you take, utilize covering fire from Rockets and/or a Battleship to batter the Cruiser, but approach with your Naval Units closely to avoid walking into Battleship range.

However, to allow the alternate method to work at its best you must allow Drake to capture the Southwest Port. Otherwise the area near his HQ will be flooded with Landers and possibly other Naval Units.

The map below shows where Drake's Units are positioned at the start of the battle.

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