Captain Drake! (Max)

Captain Drake! (Max)
Captaindrake m.png

Sonja's Goal!->Captain Drake! (Max)->Naval Clash!
Mission Details
Capture HQ or Rout
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
3 Battleships
3 Cruisers
3 Submarines
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
Fog of War
# HQs
8 (2 Orange Star, 3 Green Earth, 3 Neutral)

Once completing the Yellow Comet missions, which end at Kanbei's Error? or Sonja's Goal! should certain conditions be met in the first three Yellow Comet missions, Andy, Max and Sami proceed for Green Earth.

However the Orange Star forces run into Green Earth forces, but they aren't commanded by Eagle: they're being helmed by Drake, a CO who specializes with using Naval Units. Those Naval Units have higher firepower and Defense ratings, but he struggles with Air Units.

Tsunami, his CO Power, will strike all of your Units for 1 HP Damage, but Units that already have 1 HP remaining won't be destroyed.

[edit] Intel

Captain Drake! is the 15th mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. On Max's Route he runs into a Fog of War situation involving all Naval Units.

Drake has a balanced Navy to attack with, but Max has firepower on his side with Direct Combat Units, along with two Battleships and one Rockets unit for covering fire.

Capture his HQ or Rout all enemies to defeat Drake! Be wary of enemy Units hiding in the fog!

[edit] Strategy

At the outset your West Cruiser is in firing range of one of Drake's Submarines. The defense bonus granted to Naval Units under Drake's command won't be enough to keep a Cruiser under Max's command from sinking it! If you move your other Cruiser as far South as it can go, you'll see an enemy Cruiser.

Planning accordingly, move your East Submarine five South and have it Dive. Move your South Sub one East, four South and Dive as well, along with the Southwest Sub five South and Diving as well. The West Sub can move five South without having to Dive on this turn, but have it Dive on the next turn.

The Battleships should move towards the center of the map while remaining on a Southern course; while Max isn't strong with Indirect Combat the Battleships will serve a couple of purposes in this mission that will be vital. Put your Rockets and one Infantry on your Lander and have that move 6 spaces South.

One of the random weather effects that can happen on this map will also cause trouble on a Fog of War map; in the event it starts to rain the Vision of your Units will be reduced by one space. On Day 1 Drake's Units will move into a position to attack yours. Counter his Cruisers by softening them up with Battleship fire should they enter range; once softened up a Submarine strike will still finish it off.

Be wary of where Drake's Submarines Dive; remember where they were when they submerged and plan accordingly. Use one Submarine next to it to expose it, then a Cruiser to finish it off, but be careful not to put it in range of one of his Battleships!

Near Drake's HQ is at least one Battleship (maybe two) and a Cruiser, provided those Units remained stationary. Use Submarines to take them out, backed up by Rockets and/or Battleships to finish them off.

If everything goes well (including not getting snow due to the random nature of the weather) you should have this mission finished within five or six days. The map below shows where Drake's Units start the battle.

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