Captain Drake! (Andy)

Captain Drake! (Andy)
Captaindrake a.png

Sonja's Goal!->Captain Drake! (Andy)->Naval Clash!
Mission Details
Capture 12 Properties
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
3 Infantry
2 Tanks
2 Medium Tanks
1 Artillery
1 Rockets
1 Battleship
2 Landers
1 Submarine
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
# HQs
12(0 Orange Star, 0 Green Earth, 12 Neutral)
4 (2 Orange Star, 2 Green Earth, 0 Neutral)

After completing Yellow Comet, either after Kanbei's Error? or, if certain conditions were met, Sonja's Goal!, the Orange Star forces head towards Green Earth.

However, you won't be facing Eagle just yet. Instead, you'll be facing his counterpart Drake, who specializes in Naval Units, which are both a bit stronger and have higher Defense than other Naval Units. He doesn't do well with Air Units, however.

Drake's CO Power Tsunami will strike all of your Units for 1 HP of damage, but doesn't destroy any Units that have 1 HP remaining.

[edit] Intel

Um... Hey, [name of player] which units do we use to Capture with, again? --Andy

Captain Drake! is the 14th mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. Along Andy's route, you get a call from Nell to report that the Coral Fortress region is under attack by Drake, and to defeat him you'll need to capture Properties to win.

While you don't have any Infantry or Mechs deployed, you already have ample defenses deployed to hold the bridge to your South, and this is a Deployment Map where you can deploy whatever Ground Units you may like.

To further complicate matters, the weather changes randomly.

Capture 12 Properties to win the day! Don't lose your Lander!

[edit] Strategy

This mission puts the "Divide" in the "Divide and Conquer" strategy, as you'll need to send Units to multiple parts of the map to win. Send your South Submarine to the South and the North Submarine South and East, having each one Dive after they move.

On land, send the Medium Tank and Rockets South to hold the bridge, while the Tank and Artillery load onto your Lander. Land both Units on the North-East Island and build two Infantry. Your Lander will have to return before being able to move any Infantry to the center Island, so that will end Day 1. Those Infantry will be needed to capture Cities near your HQ; use your APC to move one over to the City that was out of movement range from the Bases.

Should Drake park his Submarine next to yours, attack it on Day 2. Otherwise, keep sending your Submarines to his Battleship and sink it. Accordingly, don't park your Submarine next to his without backup to fire upon it because that will spell trouble. If you fire first on his Submarine you'll be able to eventually destroy it.

When you get the chance, use your Submarines to sink his two Landers to keep Drake from moving his Ground Units around.

Back on land, your Medium Tank and Rockets will be needed to blockade the Southern Bridge with the Rockets two spaces behind the Medium Tank to provide cover. Your first wave of Infantry to the North-East should include at least one Mech for extra firepower, and don't forget to send reinforcements to cover both areas when necessary!

Tsunami won't be easy to deal with, but Andy's Hyper Repair provides an excellent counter-balance.

Your Ground Units will only have to hold the two Bridges until you have reached the quota of 12 Properties captured. If you lose your Lander before taking over the center and North-East Islands, or lose either or both of those areas, you'll be in big trouble, leaving an HQ Capture as the only means of winning. Pushing to Drake's HQ in this situation won't be easy and will likely result in a low score--if you don't want to do that you can always Yield to try again.

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