Blizzard Battle!

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Blizzard Battle!

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Mission Details
Capture 12 Properties
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
4 Infantry
2 Tanks
3 Medium Tanks
2 Artillery
2 Rockets
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
# HQs
15 (0 Orange Star, 3 Blue Moon, 12 Neutral)
5 (2 Orange Star, 2 Blue Moon, 1 Neutral)

Introduced in this Mission is a new means of winning a battle: capturing a certain number of Properties to win the battle. These battles can also be won by Rout or Capturing the enemy HQ, but in most cases reaching the Properties quota is the easier way to win.

[edit] Intel

Blizzard Battle! is the sixth mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. Either Andy or Max can take command for this Mission and like the mission prior, both have their advantages over the other. Andy will be able to use Indirect Combat Units better than Max, which will be crucial to holding both Bridges. Max's Direct Combat Units will be able to hit harder, especially in the open spaces near the Bridges.

You are at a significant disadvantage in terms of Units (13 to 7) and Properties (6 to 3), but this is winnable. It won't be easy, and don't expect anything to come easy from this point forward in the game.

[edit] Strategy

Two things are readily apparent at this mission's outset regardless of who you choose to take command. One is the aforementioned advantage in firepower and Properties that Olaf has. However, the Medium Tank that is parked on Blue Moon HQ, along with the two Rockets that start in its area, won't move unless something enters its movement range.

The second is that there are 11 Properties on each side of the map. That said, if you can prevent Olaf from Capturing either City by either bridge he can't beat you.

Conversely, you won't be able to beat him until you take a City on his side of the Bridges. The one nearest to the Southern Bridge is the best bet for winning this.

Have your two Infantry start Capturing the neutral Cities that are near them on Day 1; you'll need the funds. Load one Mech onto your APC and Drop it in an area in which it'll be able to start Capturing the Base on the next turn. The other Mech can move North and East with the Tanks advancing towards the Neutral Base.

Deploy two Infantry on Day 1 if you so desire (they will help speed up the capturing process), but don't deploy anything on Day 2 so a Tank can be deployed on Day 3. Max will have a better time at attacking Olaf's units in the open because Olaf will advance with a Tank, Medium Tank, and eventually an Artillery in the North.

The Mech in the South will probably have to open fire on a Tank, but doing so from the Mountains will be to your advantage. As long as Olaf's Infantry can't capture the City by the Bridge in the North the victory is very doable; while your forces hold him off in the North have a Mech or Infantry take the Blue Moon City by the South Bridge to take victory!

If you take too long to take that aforementioned City, Olaf may start to send his Units that way, which could force you to use Indirect Combat units to push forward. If that happens Artillery would be best suited for the South because there aren't any roads, and Rockets would take a few days to get there. Rockets won't take as long to get into range of the North Bridge, but they will still take a couple days to get there just due to terrain.

After the battle, Olaf will head somewhere to pay someone their respects, ordering Grit to get out there and stop you.

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