Black Cannon

The Black Cannon is a Black Hole Invention designed by Lash that debuted in Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising. This powerful weapon will automatically fire one round at a target that is within its massive firing range. This round does 5HP damage to whatever unit it hits, but if that Unit has 6HP or less its HP goes down to 1.

Its weak point is a massive door that is in front of the Black Cannon, which will be destroyed after taking 99HP Damage. However, the Black Cannon is immune to damage from Missile Silos, Black Bombs and CO Powers.

In some missions it will fire once everyday, in other missions it will fire on every other day.

[edit] Tips

It isn't necessary to destroy a Black Cannon in one hit with a direct attack. Using Indirect Combat from the sides of the Black Cannon will also damage the door without risking a counter-attack.

If units have to travel within range of a Black Cannon, send a transport or two into firing range to draw its fire. The AI dictates what target gets hit, and generally shoots for Transports when possible.

Some missions have Mini-Cannons supporting Black Cannons. In these, it is best to proceed with caution as you destroy them.

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