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Battleship Units found in Black Hole Rising
Unit Type Naval
Cost 28000G
25000G (DoR)
Movement Range 5
Vision Range 2
3 (DoR)
Attack Range 2-6
3-5 (DoR)
Fuel 99 (-1)
Ammo 9
6 (DoR)
Weapon(s) Cannon

The Battleship is the backbone of many a Naval Unit attack. An indirect combat unit capable of delivering heavy damage to both Land and Naval Units, Battleship cannons have a range of 2-6 spaces.

This unit underwent changes after Advance Wars: Dual Strike. Up to this point in the Advance Wars Series, it cost 28000G to produce a Battleship and had a firing range of 2-6 spaces, but it couldn't move and fire on the same turn.

That all changed in Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, as Battleships only cost 25000G to produce and had a firing range of 2-5 spaces. However, Battleships became capable of moving and attacking on the same turn, a first for an indirect-combat unit in the series, making the Battleships even more devastating than before.

Regardless the game in the series, Battleships can be deployed at a Seaport.

[edit] Tips

Up until Advance Wars: Dual Strike, the key with the Battleship is to keep a watch for enemy Submarines, protecting Battleships with Cruisers and Submarines (and sometimes Air Units) if necessary. Their firepower will do considerable damage to all Ground and Naval Units.

One way to repel a Battleship attack if you don't have any nearby Naval Units: indirect combat from the land. It takes two Rockets units to successfully repel a Battleship from the land.

In Advance Wars: Days of Ruin, always be aware of your opponent's firing range when they use a Battleship, which is 2-5 spaces plus the unit's movement range. It's great to use that against your opponent, but it also stings to get hit by one.

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