Battle Mystery! (Sami)

Battle Mystery! (Sami)
Battlemystery s.png

Wings of Victory!->Battle Mystery! (Sami)->Andy Times Two!
Mission Details
Protect your Infantry Unit for 8 Days
Optional: Capture Enemy HQ
Moderately Hard
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
2 Infantry
1 Medium Tank
4 Anti-Air
1 Missiles
1 Battleship
3 Cruisers
2 Submarines
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
Fog of War
# HQs
13 (3 Orange Star, 7 Green Earth, 2 Neutral)
Eagle still has what was said after last mission on his mind. However, Sonja from Yellow Comet appears and informs him that the one who attacked Green Earth wasn't Andy, but was in fact someone else.

Eagle can only find out who the behind-the-scenes manipulator is by going with Sonja, but is worried about something. Drake reassures him and sends him off, staying behind to take command of Green Earth forces against Orange Star.

[edit] Intel

Battle Mystery! is the 18th mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. Sami receives a call from Nell about the specifics of this mission.

A Recon Force that was sent into Green Earth was ambushed, so a rescue mission must be performed. Specifically, your Infantry Unit needs to be retreated from the front lines and kept alive for the duration of the battle.

Protect your Infantry Unit for 8 Days to win this battle!

[edit] Strategy

First things first, to protect that Infantry Unit a couple of Units are going to have to be sacrificed. Send both B Copters down to attack the Missiles Unit, which will also block the routes that Drake's ground Units could have taken to reach your Infantry Unit. Retreat your Infantry Unit 3 spaces North. Line up both T Copters so that your Infantry can Load onto one of them on Day 2. The two Mechs near those T Copters can fall back two spaces West here.

At sea, use your Cruisers to sink the Submarine that's in sight. Move your Submarine over three or four spaces East and the remaining one or two South, then have it Dive. Move your Battleship next to both Cruisers. Have your Ground Units load up on the Landers, having the Rockets disembark into the Woods on Day 3, which will be after Drake uses Tsunami. Only a Mech should Drop at first to take the neutral City.

The Ground Units here will hold the Bridge, using your Tank backed by Mechs and Rockets, using Recon for Vision. Switch your Tank with a Mech to hold it if necessary.

As long as you keep that Infantry Unit safe you'll win the battle, but if you want to increase the challenge just for fun, you can try to take Drake's HQ. It's possible, but it isn't easy. You'll need to watch enemy firing ranges as you load a loaded T Copter onto a Cruiser, then offloading it near Green Earth HQ in a manner that doesn't expose it to Cruiser fire.

When having your Mech drop from your T Copter, be careful to avoid dropping it into the range of Battleship fire. While this is going on, pay attention to the sounds that are made when enemy Units move around in Fog of War; if you think an Anti-Air or Medium Tank turns around to protect HQ fall back. If the Missile Battery survived the initial attack and returns to HQ you shouldn't have a problem taking it for the win via HQ Capture!

While nothing special happens in terms of hidden text if you do this, it's a challenge that adds an extra degree of difficulty to the mission!

Unlike Andy's Mission and Max's Mission, nothing gets said between Drake and the Orange Star CO's, but regardless the stage is set for the final few missions!

The following map displays where Drake's Units are positioned at the start of this battle.

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