Battle Mystery! (Andy)

Battle Mystery! (Andy)
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Wings of Victory!->Battle Mystery! (Andy)->Andy Times Two!
Mission Details
Locate and Destroy Drake's Lander
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
2 Infantry
1 Recon
2 Tanks
1 Battleship
2 Cruisers
1 Lander
2 Submarines
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
Fog of War
# HQs
15 (3 Orange Star, 7 Green Earth, 4 Neutral)
Eagle is still asking questions in regards to what he was told in the mission prior. However, he receives an unexpected visit from Yellow Comet CO Sonja, who requests Eagle to come with her, having something to show him.

At first Eagle is concerned, but Drake reassures him, sending Eagle off with Sonja.

[edit] Intel

Battle Mystery! is the 18th mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. Andy has a special mission this time around.

Nell has contacted Andy with Intel: a Green Earth Lander carrying vital cargo is in the area. Andy's mission is to locate this Lander, which is hiding in one of the Reefs, and to destroy it!

Do this successfully to win the battle!

[edit] Strategy

This is another battle that can be done in one of two ways: using your Navy to find and sink the Lander, or using both Naval and Ground Units to locate and sink the Lander. Not using your Ground Units won't do you any favors, so it's easier to use both Ground and Naval Units to win the day.

Start by loading your Rockets and Medium Tank into the East Lander, and a Recon and Tank Unit into the South Lander. Where your Units are dropped on the shore near the South Lander doesn't matter, but the East Lander should drop the Rockets Unit into the Woods. Send your Medium Tank south on Day 2 if you can, but if you can't and can't get it out of Battleship range, retreat it on the Lander.

At sea, move your East Sub one North and four West, having it Dive. Line up your Cruiser and Battleship right behind it, with the other Sub and Cruiser behind those two Units. Having the Rear Sub dive is optional, but it should dive on Day 2.

Send your second Tank and an Infantry on the South Lander, with the remaining Infantry and APC to the East Lander, loading the Infantry prior to disembarking if necessary.

From here, keep pushing the advantage against Drake's forces, sinking the Naval Units as they appear. Try to hold off on using Hyper Repair until Drake uses his CO Power Tsunami.

The Lander is located in the southernmost shoal. However, getting Submarines into firing range is time-consuming. The easiest way would be to approach on land, parking a Medium Tank next to that Reef, and lining up your Rockets within firing range. Lining up your Battleship on the other side of the peninsula is optional, but that also takes some time to set up and that Battleship will be needed to help repel Drake's Navy.

The battle isn't over until that Lander is destroyed! After the battle, Sami asks Drake why he attacked Orange Star, which reveals the notions of the battles, along with the involvements of Grit and Sonja behind the scenes.

This sets the stage for the final missions!

The map below shows where Drake's forces are located at the start of the battle.

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