An Anti-Air unit is effective against air units like Bombers, Fighters, Stealth Fighters, and especially B and T Copters. In the first Advance Wars, Anti-Air units were said to have more power than a Tank, but would lose to a tank in a head-on confrontation, which remains true throughout the series.

Anti-Air units also do devastating damage to Infantry and Mech Units as well, making these units great for clearing out enemy grunts. They can also do considerable damage to Recon and Indirect Combat Units, but won't completely eliminate said units on their own in one turn.

Anti-Air Units can be produced at Factories at a cost of 8,000G each.

[edit] Tips

As stated earlier, having an Anti-Air unit or two in your attacking group is not a bad idea, since it can hold its own on most other units and is super effective against air units. Bombers will cause a lot of damage if they fire upon an Anti-Air unit first, so if the enemy is using air units, be ready with a few Anti-Air units to counter them.

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