Andy Times Two!

Andy Times Two!

Battle Mystery!->Andy Times Two!->Enigma!
Mission Details
Capture HQ or Rout
Moderately Hard
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
2 Infantry
1 Tank
3 Medium Tank
1 Artillery
2 Battleships
1 Cruiser
1 Lander
1 Submarine
6 Fighters
2 Bombers
NPC Units
5 Fighters
3 Bombers
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
1 (Eagle)
# HQs
17 (3 Orange Star, 0 Green Earth, 9 Black Hole, 5 Neutral)
Sonja has shown Eagle the intended anomaly, and has revealed that their "mystery foe" is capable of using cloning technology.

Orange Star never had the capability to launch those offensives while repelling Olaf's attack, exposing the real enemy to Eagle.

This is the first mission in the campaign where more than two CO's are on the field, and this is the only mission in the campaign in which one of those Commanders is controlled by the game's Artificial Intelligence.

[edit] Intel

Andy Times Two! is the 19th mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. Sonja's exposure of the real enemy to Eagle has led to a battle starting prior to Orange Star arriving on the scene.

While Eagle gives a brief summary of what is going on, you and Eagle are going up against a very tough force from a mysterious army who looks like Orange Star, but appears with dark uniforms.

Don't think about it too much. Capture the enemy HQ or Rout all enemy forces to win the battle!

[edit] Strategy

This is one mission in which you can run into trouble through no fault of your own. Eagle will take out all of Andy Clone's Fighters and Bombers, along with his Cruiser, Artillery and one or both enemy Battleships.

This leaves everything else for you to deal with. Start by loading your Medium Tank and Rockets onto the Lander. Move your Lander as far North as it can go and drop both the Medium Tank and Rockets. The Medium Tank should block the road next to the mountain with the Rockets either two spaces East, one space South and East, or two spaces South from the Medium Tank for support fire.

While Max struggles with Indirect Combat the extra firepower behind the Medium Tank is very helpful here.

Bring one Mech up via APC and have the other Mech board the T Copter. The T Copter will be needed to make a run at Andy Clone's HQ, which Sami will be able to do faster--one extra space of movement for transports adds up. Be sure to move the T Copter East on Day 1, then make the turn North on Day 2 or Day 3.

As the Infantry move up, use them to capture the Neutral Cities, which will be used for HP Recovery if necessary.

At sea, your first concern should be the enemy Submarine and Lander. Move your Submarine five East and have it Dive, with the Battleship moving four North and one East to put the enemy Lander in its sights. If you don't sink the Lander one of Eagle's Bombers might fire on it instead of something more pertinent to the task at hand, so taking it out will eliminate that possibility.

What Eagle attacks on a turn-to-turn basis depends on a mix of your movements and RNG. A few things to keep in mind:

  • If Eagle doesn't destroy the second Battleship, you'll have to send your Submarine up to get it directly, or use your Battleship to attack it while using your Lander as bait. That second Battleship must be destroyed if an attempt at Capturing the enemy HQ is to be successful.
  • Should the Air Battle take too long, hold back your T Copter from making a run at Andy Clone's HQ or else it will draw enemy fire. Once the last Fighter is down and/or out of firing range, you should be able to make your move, provided that a Medium Tank won't try to spoil your plan!
  • When the Medium Tanks approach your blockade on land, let the Tank sit there in the Woods and use your Rockets and/or Battleship to attack the Medium Tanks. Similar to Mighty Kanbei!, the AI won't move the Tank back to have the Medium Tank attack unless the Tank is severely damaged, which can be used to your advantage here.
  • The Mech-loaded T Copter can also help out with the Rout by Dropping the Mech next to the enemy Rockets Unit and using the Mech to attack it. Two attacks should be enough to destroy it.
  • In the event that things don't go as planned, you can always Yield to restart the mission.

After completing the mission, enemy reinforcements are spotted on the horizon. Eagle sends Orange Star onward while he handles the clone and his army. Sami wishes to stay and help, but is rebuffed, as Eagle says that Sami's needed more to help with what's coming next than holding off the enemy.

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