Air Assault

Air Assault
Mission Details
Capture Enemy HQ or Rout
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
2 Infantry
2 Mechs
2 Tanks
1 Medium Tank
1 Artillery
2 B Copter
1 Fighter
1 Bomber
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
Fog of War
# HQs
11 (5 Orange Star, 3 Blue Moon, 3 Neutral)

This mission introduces Medium Tanks for Orange Star, but also introduces two new Units for the first time: Fighters and Bombers. Also covered: what happens when an Air Unit runs out of fuel: they crash.

[edit] Intel

Air Assault is the eighth mission of Advance Wars' Field Training Mode. You start with 16 Units compared to Olaf's 12, but not only does Olaf has a firepower advantage, he strikes before you, as you'll lose a Tank, Medium Tank and B Copter before you can even make a command.

This mission introduces the heavy-hitting Air Units: Fighters and Bombers, along with a Unit that works as a counterbalance to Air Units: the Anti-Air Unit.

[edit] Strategy

At the outset Nell has good news: Orange Star is back on track with developing Medium Tanks. However, an entire company was lost en route to the front lines. As you reach the battlefield it becomes clear what happened: Olaf has deployed Fighters, Bombers and B Copters to stop that company.

Olaf has to be stopped here or else he could overrun a large portion of Orange Star if his momentum isn't stopped here.

Don't worry about losing the three Units that get destroyed, just focus on bouncing back. The Blue Moon Battle Copter will be within range of your Anti-Air, which Nell will ask you to try out. As you'll see, B Copters don't stand a chance against an Anti-Air unit, and they're also very good against Infantry Units as well.

Once you're done with the Anti-Air tutorial the battle is up to you. Move your troops towards the bridge, using both Transports to get the Infantry and Mechs up there faster. Don't worry about losing the two Cities on the other side of the river; you'll be able to get them back after the initial surge of Olaf's forces and the Planes crash due to running out of fuel.

Keep pushing once the Infantry are destroyed and routing Olaf shouldn't be a problem.

An A Rank is the highest rank that can be attained during Field Training missions.

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