Air Ace!

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Air Ace!
Mission Details
Capture HQ or Rout
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
3 Infantry
3 Tanks
1 Missiles
3 B Copters
2 Fighters
1 Bomber
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
# HQs
16 (4 Orange Star, 7 Green Earth, 5 Neutral)
3 (1 Orange Star, 2 Neutral)

Introduced in this mission is Eagle, a Green Earth CO who leads a roaming independent battalion. He specializes in Air Units, who gain a firepower bonus under his command and use -2 Fuel per turn.

Also introduced is his CO Power Lightning Strike, which allow his Non-Infantry units to move again at a firepower and defense penalty.

Capture the HQ or defeat all enemies to ground Eagle!

[edit] Intel

Air Ace! is the third mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. Andy and company have run into hostile forces in an area that Nell wasn't expecting to have hostile forces.

After the battle, Eagle claims to have seen Andy before, only to be rebuffed by the young Orange Star CO for reasons yet to be known.

[edit] Strategy

Right off the bat there's a B Copter in range of your Anti-Airs and a Tank in range of your Medium Tank. Take both out with those respective units.

Watch the range of his Air Units, especially anything that can take out your T Copter, which will be needed to storm Eagle's HQ, which is by far the easiest way to win this battle. Move your Missiles 4 East on Day 1 to get them into firing range of the approaching Green Earth Air Units; you'll need this Unit to eventually fire on his Bomber once it has been lured into firing range.

If your T Copter survives after Eagle's Air Force goes down, you'll be able to land it directly North of Green Earth HQ with the Infantry/Mech right on the HQ. Don't do this before the Bomber goes down or else your capture attempt will fail!

Lastly, be wary of Eagle's CO Power. Lightning Strike has the capability of turning the tide of a fight on a dime, so don't try to lure the Bomber into firing range of your Missiles if Eagle's CO Power meter is full or almost full.

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