Advance Wars Advanced Campaign Missions

The following page is a list of all the missions that appear in Advance Wars' Advanced Campaign. If you're looking for the missions that appear in Advance Wars Campaign mode, click here.

[edit] A Word of Warning

The missions in the Advanced Campaign all follow one theme: a stronger enemy force against a force that either had some Units removed if anything. Plus some of these missions are Fog of War missions in the Advanced Campaign Only.

This is the only game in which the Advanced Campaign removes Units from under your command. That said, these missions can be brutally difficult, so many of the following pages will have turn-by-turn steps to use as a reference to clear these missions.

[edit] Missions

After Air Ace!, Max joins the team, then we have the first path split of the game: to the Northeast with Andy or East with Max.

Andy's Route

Max's Route

After reaching the end of this Division, Sami joins Andy and Max, which starts the next chain of Missions that lead into Yellow Comet.

NOTE: If Kanbei Arrives! is cleared in <8 Days, Mighty Kanbei! in <10 Days and Kanbei's Error? in <12 Days, you get to challenge Sonja in the next three missions. Otherwise, you skip ahead to Captain Drake! (Advanced)

This is the second Division in the Campaign. The levels are all the same name but are unique to each CO.

Andy's Missions

Max's Missions

Sami's Missions

After the Second Division, the truth is known, beginning the Final Arc of missions.

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