Armored Personal Carrier
APC Units from Black Hole Rising
Unit Type Land
Cost 5,000G
Movement Range 6
Vision Range 1
Fuel 70
Special Commands Supply

The APC, or Armored Personnel Carrier, is a Ground-based transport unit capable of transporting one Infantry or Mech Unit. Should the APC get destroyed with a unit on board, that unit is also lost.

Additionally, APCs are the main supply vehicle on the battlefield, as APCs supply adjacent units with ammunition and fuel at the start of each turn. Unit type doesn't matter either; an APC could be next to a Naval unit at sea or next to an Air unit.

APC's don't have to wait to the start of the next turn to resupply a unit (or units). After moving, the "Supply" Command will appear on the menu. By selecting the Supply Command, all adjacent units will have their fuel and ammunition (for the units in which ammunition is a factor) restocked to its maximum.

To ensure that your units don't run out of supplies that could be critical to the success of a mission (especially when there are no ports for Naval and Air units), always protect your APCs. Conversely, your enemy's APCs are good targets, especially when nearby enemy units are running out of either Fuel or Ammunition.

[edit] Tips

To protect your APCs, keep them surrounded by your own units (also known as a Box Wagon) or at the back of a Flying Column (Medium Tank, Artillery, Rockets & APC). Be sure that no Air Units have a clean flight path to them, or else they'll fly at them for an attack.

While this can also be done as part of a "bait-and-switch" be sure the unit survives the attack.

Keeping APCs hidden in Woods during Fog of War will be very important; with allied units adjacent to an APC they'll remain constantly supplied, which will be helpful for Indirect Combat Units.

APCs cost 5,000G each to deploy.

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