Yellow Comet

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Yellow Comet is a proud country, with deep rooted traditions. Led by Kanbei and his daughter Sonja, as well as his old master Sensei.

It is shares many similarities with the real-life country, Japan.


[edit] COs

  • Kanbei: A Yellow Comet CO with high firepower across all units, but are more expensive to deploy & repair
  • Sonja: A Yellow Comet CO. Units have +1 to their vision and is best in Fog of War.
  • Sensei: A Yellow Comet CO. Infantry and B Copter units have higher firepower.
  • Grimm: A Yellow Comet CO. His units have higher firepower but lower Defense ratings.

Yellow Comet seems to have the least land out of Orange Star, Blue Moon, Yellow Comet, and Green Earth. Yellow Comet is either the second or the third country to be liberated in Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, depending on whether the player decides to go through Blue Moon or Yellow Comet first. Yellow Comet is the only country that does not contribute a base in Advance Wars. Also, Yellow Comet is the only country whose color is not used during the Campaign Mode in Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

[edit] Advance Wars

In Advance Wars, Yellow Comet is the third army that the Orange Star Forces encounter. After the first encounter with Kanbei, the Orange Star forces have a couple more skirmishes with Yellow Comet, and then Yellow Comet is out of the story for a while. Yellow Comet still has importance in the story, as Sonja later reveals to Eagle that is was Black Hole attacking Green Earth, and not Orange Star. Sonja is also the first CO to realize that Sturm is the one behind all the madness, and challenges him. Sonja then loses, and is forced to withdraw. That being the case, the Yellow Comet forces are so defeated that Yellow Comet could not lend help in the final battle against Black Hole unless certain conditions were met during the missions against Yellow Comet CO Kanbei.

[edit] Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

In Advance Wars 2, the ability to free Yellow Comet comes with the choice of Blue Moon after Orange Star is complete. In Advance Wars 2, Yellow Comet COs Sonja and Kanbei are joined by Sensei, Kanbei's former mentor. Yellow Comet's opposing COs are Lash and Flak, although Adder also appears sometimes. If Yellow Comet is freed before Blue Moon, you will have the option to use the Yellow Comet COs as your second CO instead of the Orange Star ones. In the same way, if Blue Moon is liberated first, Yellow Comet will have the choice between Orange Star and Blue Moon COs for assistance in their final mission. Yellow Comet then marches towards Green Earth with the rest of the armies to liberate.

[edit] Advance Wars: Dual Strike

In Dual Strike, Yellow Comet COs Sensei and Grimm join the party after fighting them to see if they are worthy of their power. It is worth noting that this is the only time the yellow units are shown in the Campaign mode. Yellow Comet CO Sonja joins later in the game along with Sami, Grit, and Eagle. Kanbei himself does not appear in this game, although a clone of his produced by the Bolt Guard appears.

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