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Name NA:
Army Brenner's Wolves
CO Power Rally Cry
CO Zone Two Spaces
Appears In Days of Ruin

Will/Ed ____________________________________

In game info ____________________________________

A former Rubinelle military cadet who joined the 12th Battalion after being rescued by Captain Brenner—whom he idolizes.

“Never give up!”

CO Effect

CO Zone: 2

Boosts: Direct-attack ground units

Effect: Attack up **

CO Power

Rally Cry

Boosts mobility of direct-attack Ground units by 2.

Earned at: You start with him

The people have spoken! _____________________________________

Toonycj2's opinion: A good CO if you only use ground units, and don't want to use Isabella/Calleita, until you get better COs.

Razenteu(sorry if I mispelled you name buddy:P): Will- He's not a bad CO, he's just outclassed. Most people would use Isabella instead, she has a better CO power, she increases defense extra defense, and Isabella's CO Zone and CO Power will affect any unit, not just ground units. The only thing Will has over her is that extra star for attack. I can only imagine someone using Will in a small, ground based map.

Do you have an opinion that you want to share? Contact Toonycj2 or Deathsythe.

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