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Name NA: Kindle
Army Bolt Guard
CO Power Urban Bright
Super CO Power High Society
Appears In Advance Wars: Dual Strike
Specialty Cities

Jugger and Koal's Officer. She has a blunt, queen-like personality. Power Meter: xxxXXX Hit: Anything Chic Miss: Anything Passe


[edit] Day-to-Day Abilities

Playing as Kindle will give a great boost on cities, bases, airports, HQ, com. towers or silos. 140% Attack! She has no negative bonuses, so she's a great weapon to use.

[edit] CO Power

Co Power: Urban Bright 3 stars. Here she comes! A gigant wave of glamour that does 3 damange to units on cities, that means cities, bases, etc. Not only units in your cities, it will also damange your units on neutral cities or if you are over her cities. This power isn't a powerful weapon. It most like a money-waster. For example, if you built a Mega-Tank in your turn, then Kindle reduces his HP to 7, you will waste money to repair it, and it will left with just 9 hp! (Unless you are Rachel, but the fixing will cost more). Also 190% attack on cities, and 110%/110% everywhere.

[edit] SUPER Co Power

High Society. 6 Stars. Blast! This thing is extremelly powerful! Kindle units get an overall 110%/110%, but she will get +3% attack for EVERY city under her control. And that's not the end of it! Her units will have a crazy 220% attack on cities! OMG! Could you beat this?

Kindle is another funny part of the game, altrought she should not be taken lighty, cause' she can be very strong. Of course, if you are playing as Kindle you will try to capture cities as much you can, for getting better bonuses!

[edit] Tags

Positive Tags: Kindle + Koal: Flashpoint 105%: Koal MUST GO frist, with his +2 mov. try to capture as much cities you can, then swich to Kindle, finish capturing the cities and BANG! HIT THEM HARD!

Kindle + Jugger: Fireworks 105%: Heavy atack. Start with Jugger crushing enemies and capturing cities, then finish the work with Kindle solid powers!

[edit] Negative Tags

Kindle + Jake: 90%: Duh. Not much to say. It's not a great loss.

Kindle + Hawke: 90%: Reasons are obvious. Just PAY attention to the campaign.

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