Kanbei Arrives!

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Kanbei Arrives!

Sami's Debut!->Kanbei Arrives!->Mighty Kanbei!
Mission Details
Capture HQ or Rout
Unit Details
Allied Units
Enemy Units
2 Infantry
2 Mechs
5 Tanks
2 Medium Tanks
1 Artillery
2 Rockets
Allied CO(s)
Enemy CO(s)
# HQs
14 (4 Orange Star, 6 Yellow Comet, 4 Neutral)

This mission is the first mission that doesn't pit you against Blue Moon or Green Earth and your first against Yellow Comet. And you go against their emperor, Kanbei. His Units have superior firepower and defense, but cost 20% more to deploy and repair.

Kanbei's CO Power Morale Boost increases the firepower and defense of his units even further. Going into battles against Kanbei without a good strategy is just asking for trouble.

[edit] Intel

Hmm? Like a plague, here comes the Orange Star Army! Not content with their own lands, they've come to steal mine! Never, I say! Never! Kanbei's Imperial Forces shall drive them back! -- Kanbei

Kanbei Arrives! is the ninth mission of Advance Wars' Campaign. Andy, Max and Sami have proceeded into Yellow Comet in pursuit of Blue Moon forces. However, they run into Yellow Comet troops under the command of Yellow Comet's emperor, Kanbei.

A different strategy is required since you won't have the firepower to take him head-to-head: falling the majority of your Units behind a certain point for defense.

Capture the enemy HQ or Rout all Yellow Comet forces to defeat Kanbei! Clear this mission in 8 Days for alternate ending text and to fulfill one of the three requirements for unlocking three additional missions!

[edit] Strategy

While the amount of damage dealt with various units will vary depending on your Commander of choice, the basic strategy remains the same. The majority of your Units will want to be holed up behind the Mountains, with Indirect Combat Units behind the Tanks.

Send your Medium Tanks to attack Kanbei's Rockets on Day 1 to attack them. Max will destroy one of them and leave the Rockets Unit in the Forest severely damaged. That's okay because it will retreat to a Yellow Comet city for repairs, but if you don't want to chance it you can send your Tanks out to finish them off--you'll likely have to do this if you chose Andy or Sami.

Retreat your Medium Tanks to their starting positions on Day 2. As for the Indirect Combat Units, move both Rockets behind the Cities in which your Medium Tanks started with your Artillery in the Forest next to one of those starting Cities.

Kanbei will be on your defensive positions on Day 3 and will likely have used Morale Boost at this point. Even when attacking his Units with Indirect Combat Units you'll notice that his Units have increased Defense as well. Keep firing on his Units as they approach; while Max isn't good with Indirect Combat it matters not because Artillery and Rockets will be necessary to fire on Kanbei's approaching Units.

If everything goes well, on Day 4 or 5 you should be able to use your Medium Tanks and remaining Tanks to start mopping up his remaining Units. Be sure to take out his Artillery as it approaches or else it will cause some trouble!

This mission is only a taste of things to come, as the next mission requires a similar strategy and is harder!

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