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Name NA:
Army Brenner's Wolves
CO Power Deep Strike
CO Zone
Appears In Days of Ruin

Isabella (Catteleia) has lost most of her memory. She was rescued by Will in Mission Two. Throughout the plot, she exhibits acute knowledge of various military statistics, proving to be of use in several key points in the plot. She devolpes an apparent attraction to Will, which is never explicitly expressed, but is somewhat obvious to the player. Her CO power is:

  • Deep Strike: Plus two range of indirect units and two extra spaces of movements of all units

[edit] Plot

warning! spoilers!

After Isabella is loaded onto the Great Owl, she then learns from her "sister" Tabhitha that she is not a normal human--like Tabhitha, she is a clone. Isabella is supposedly a clone of a former clone of Dr. Caulder. The name of the original "Isabella" was supposedly named "Lutaria" until Tabhitha accidently killed Lutaria in a brutal training excerise. According to Tabhitha, there are hundreds of Lutarias, identical to Isabella, hidden away somehwere. In the end, with the help of Will, she comes to terms with her own origins, and finds the will to live the rest of her life. According to Dr. Morris, Isabella shall either have an extremely short or long life, depending on how the multiple clonings affect humans.

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