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|data2 = [[Blue Moon]]
|data2 = [[Blue Moon]]
|label3 = CO Power
|label3 = CO Power
|data3 = [[Snipe Attack]]
|data3 = Snipe Attack
|label4 = Super CO Power
|label4 = [[Super CO Power]]
|data4 = Super Snipe
|data4 = Super Snipe
|label5 = Appears In
|label5 = Appears In

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Name NA: Grit
EU: Grit
JP: Billy
Army Blue Moon
CO Power Snipe Attack
Super CO Power Super Snipe
Appears In Advance Wars
Black Hole Rising
Dual Strike
Specialty Indirect Combat Units


[edit] Background

Grit is a Blue Moon CO who went to school with both Max and Nell, and for a time served Orange Star. He would be confronted by an angry Max about leaving Orange Star, and after being defeated in History Lesson! by Max, Nell interjects herself into the conversation, who assumed that Grit bolted because he realized that Max had feelings for the Orange Star Commander and didn't want to get in the way.

While that wasn't his reason for leaving, he stated that the true reasons are good reasons. These are revealed later in Advance Wars when it is revealed that he has an alliance with Sonja of Yellow Comet to unveil the mastermind behind the conflicts of Wars World.

Grit's personality is laid-back and he can be a lazy one, which leaves him at odds with his uber-serious superior Olaf. Despite this, he is quite intelligent. He is an excellent marksman, and his Indirect Combat Units have an expanded firepower range and have higher firepower as a result. However he doesn't do as well with Direct Combat Units.

[edit] CO Powers

[edit] Snipe Attack

NOTE: Regardless the game, Snipe Attack increases the firepower of Indirect Combat Units to 160% and increases their Defense by 10%.

[edit] Advance Wars

In Advance Wars Indirect Combat Units receive a Range Increase of two spaces and increased firepower. This can be a real game-changer for those that are caught within the expanded range, as those units will get decimated.

[edit] Black Hole Rising & Dual Strike

In these two games Snipe Attack increases the range of his Indirect Combat Units by one space with increased firepower.

[edit] Super Snipe

His Super CO Power gives the same range increase that Snipe Attack used in Advance Wars, increasing the range of Indirect Combat units by two spaces with increased firepower.

[edit] Tips

Grit can be challenging to go against, especially when trying to break through bottlenecks on the map. Even with reduced firepower for Non-Infantry Direct Combat Units, Grit does a good job at holding these bottlenecks when backed with his powerful Indirect Combat Units.

The expanded range that Grit's Indirect Combat Units have can are great for ambushing opponents that come within firing range in Fog of War, provided the units are hidden in Forests (reefs if Grit is using Battleships).

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