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Name NA:
CO Power Supply Chain

for all units.

CO Zone 3
Appears In Days of Ruin
Sayings "I'll see you hanged for this!"

Admiral Greyfield is an ambitious and power hungry leader. He wants to destroy the Lazurian Army and rule the world as it's new king after the meteor hits.

CO Effect

CO Zone: 3

Boosts: Naval units, seaplanes, copters

Effect: Attack up * Defense up ****

CO Power

Supply Chain

Reffils fuel, ammo and materials for all units.

Greyfield's first appearance is in mission C12, a conversation with Captain Brenner. In the past before this game's plot, Brenner used to be in Greyfield's army, so Greyfield remembers Brenner and tells him killer statements of his own army, but they join to help stop the war.


Strategy: Greyfield relies on naval units, playing defensively. The best choices to have him loaded into would be a submarine or a cruiser, although battleships are considerable as well. If you have Greyfield in a mainly-land battlefield style, he isn't very useful, although his CO Power is handy. His unit of choice would have to be a carrier. It's a naval unit, in his CO Zone, it has only stronger defense than normal, and they create seaplanes, which are stronger versions of dusters, really. They can attack any existing unit, although not as strong as fighters or bombers, with Greyfield's CO Boosts, they really are strong, considering a CO Zone always has +10/10 boost to all units as a bonus, the seaplanes' power are at an unbelievable 120/150%. The best choice to use him are in naval battles.

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