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Green Earth is usually the fourth army encountered in Advance Wars, Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising and Advance Wars: Dual Strike.


[edit] COs

  • Drake: A Co from Green Earth. He is weak with air units but great with sea units
  • Eagle: A CO from Green Earth who is strong with Air Units
  • Javier: Good with Indirect units and gains great bonuses with Com Towers
  • Jess: Jess specializes in using tanks and Vehicle-based Ground Units.

[edit] Advance Wars

In the original Advance Wars, Green Earth CO Eagle appears in the third mission of the game, and is the first Green Earth opponent the Orange Star forces meet. After being defeated, Eagle mutters something about how Andy attacked them and then leaves. Eagle appears again right before the Orange Star forces go through Yellow Comet, and wonders why Andy has other COs travelling with him. It is later revealed that Black Hole has been using an Andy Clone to attack Green Earth while framing Orange Star. After Yellow Comet CO Sonja reveals this to Eagle, Eagle assists Orange Star in defeating Black Hole, setting up a base at the location of the final battle.

[edit] Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising

In Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, Green Earth is the country liberated last, after Orange Star, Blue Moon, and Yellow Comet have been finished. Green Earth is under attack by the Black Hole CO Hawke, and is having the hardest time out of all of the countries, even with the help of new CO Jess. Green Earth also has the highest number of missions with more than one controllable CO active at the same time, including missions that feature Kanbei and Sami. Once liberated, Green Earth joins the other countries in routing Black Hole.

[edit] Advance Wars: Dual Strike

In Advance Wars: Dual Strike, Green Earth COs Javier and Jess are the two COs that join the Allied Nations after a test of power. With them, the two COs bring the plans for producing Megatanks which can be produced as soon as the next battle. After clearing Crystal Calamity, Green Earth CO Eagle joins the Allied Nation's army along with Sami, Grit, and Sonja. CO Drake does not appear in this game himself, instead a clone of him that was produced by the Bolt Guard does. Green Earth's color gets 2 appearances in this game, one as an enemy and one as a player color.

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