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Name NA: Drake
EU: Drake
JP: Mop
Army Green Earth
CO Power Tsunami
Super CO Power Typhoon
Appears In Advance Wars
Black Hole Rising
Dual Strike
Specialty Naval Units
Sayings "Wave good-bye to your troops!"


[edit] Background

Drake is a Green Earth CO. He is a former pirate that specializes in Naval Units, which are stronger both offensively and defensively. Additionally, the movements of all his units aren't affected by Rain, and when the weather is set to Random, the probability of Rain increases by 7%. However, his Air Units are weaker than average.

Drake has to be the voice of reason in Advance Wars 2 due to the petty squabbling between Jess and Eagle when the campaign shifts to Green Earth.

A Clone Drake makes an appearance in Advance Wars: Dual Strike, a mission that also features Rain that induces Fog of War.

[edit] CO Powers

[edit] Tsunami (4 Stars)

[edit] Advance Wars

Drake summons a Tsunami that does 1HP Damage to all enemy units.

[edit] Black Hole Rising and Dual Strike

Drake summons a Tsunami that does 1HP Damage to all enemy units. Additionally, enemy units lose 50% of their Fuel.

[edit] Typhoon (7 Stars)

Drake summons a Typhoon that does 2HP Damage to all enemy units and takes away 50% of their Fuel. Also, the weather turns to Rain. This rain summons Fog of War in Advance Wars: Dual Strike with Vision reduced by one.

[edit] Tips

Drake's CO Power is a disruptive force that damages all enemy units and removes half of their fuel. When going against Drake it is important to keep a number of APC's on hand to keep units from running out of fuel, especially Naval and Air Units, which are lost if they run out of fuel.

Drake is great at turning the tide against an unprepared opponent. Dual Strike featured a faster charge to the CO Power Meter, which allows Drake to utilize his CO Powers more frequently.

In a Tag Battle, Drake is at his best with Eagle and Jess, but does poorly with Hawke.

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