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Name NA: Colin
Army Blue Moon
CO Power Gold Rush
Super CO Power Power of Money
Appears In Black Hole Rising
Dual Strike
Specialty Low Deployment Costs
Sayings "Don't underestimate me because I'm new!"


[edit] Background

Colin is a young Blue Moon CO who debuts during the Blue Moon Campaign in Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising. One of two Blue Moon CO's that is an heir to a vast fortune, the other being his sister Sasha.

He has a strong admiration for fellow Blue Moon COs Olaf and Grit, calling them both "Sir" upon arrival to Blue Moon HQ. Can be uptight and speaks with a stutter, but always tries his best to accurately carry out the orders of his superiors and gives respect where respect is due. However he has a strong disdain for Black Hole for destroying his home and ravaging his homeland.

Due to Colin's vast wealth he is able to produce units at a discount of 20% off their price. However, due to his relative lack of experience, his units do 10% less damage than normal.

[edit] CO Powers

[edit] Gold Rush (2 Stars)

Gold Rush takes the amount of War Funds that Colin currently has and increases it by 50%. For example, 10,000G would become 15,000G. Additionally, the Defense of his Units increase by 10%.

[edit] Power of Money (6 Stars)

Using Power of Money, Colin's Wealth increases the offensive firepower of all his troops. For every 3,000G that Colin has, the firepower of his Units increase by 10%, a Super CO Power that can give Colin more firepower than Sturm and Von Bolt combined.

While using this power won't drain Colin's War Funds, deploying units will reduce its effect.

[edit] Tips

Colin will be able to deploy stronger units faster than other CO's, along with more units than other CO's, due to lower deployment costs. Against Colin, it's best to avoid making any knee-jerk reactionary moves because that could come back to haunt you.

Power of Money has the potential to make Colin the strongest CO in the entire series if he has enough War Funds. This can leave an opponent decimated; as Colin you want to use this to your advantage but against Colin the best thing you can do is weather the offensive storm and regroup.

In a Tag Battle, Colin is at his best with Sasha, Olaf and Grit, but doesn't work as well with Lash.

[edit] Glitch

In Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising, if Colin has too much in his War Funds the power will backfire, causing his units to deal no damage instead.

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