Clone Andy

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Clone Andy
File:Clone Andy.jpg
Clone Andy
Name NA: Andy
EU: Andy
JP: Unknown
Army Black Hole
CO Power Hyper Repair
Super CO Power Hyper Upgrade (second version only)
Appears In AW2, AWDS

Clone Andy refers to two separate clones of Andy which were created by Black Hole. The original Clone Andy was Sturm's trump card in tricking the nations of Cosmo Land into war. Clone Andy was sent to ravage Blue Moon, Green Earth and Yellow Comet. The group finally confronted him on a brief return to Blue Moon. A second Clone Andy was made by the Bolt Guard on Macro Land. He fought alongside Kindle and was aprt of a group of clones which included Kanbei, Drake and Olaf. In both games, Clone Andy has the same abilities as Andy does in that game, including CO gauge and everything.

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