Black Hole

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Black Hole is an imperialistic nation--possibly from a totally different planet altogether. Led by Sturm (and later Von Bolt) the Black Hole armies pillage and exploit Omega Land.



Black Hole first attacked Cosmo Land with Sturm as its only CO. Sturm created a clone of Andy, which attacked Blue Moon, Green Earth and Yellow Comet. Sturm also tricked Olaf into fighting against Orange Star. The armies eventually formed an alliance and chased Sturm. He kidnapped Sonja, but was beaten by the alliance.

Sturm returned with four new COs - Hawke, Lash, Adder and Flak - to attack Macro Land. The alliance chased him, having cleared his forces from their land. Black Hole employed a number of new weapons, including lasers, Cannon sand Neotanks. The alliance destroyed Sturm's Death Ray as he attempted to attack Macro Land with a giant missile. Hawke betrayed Sturm, killing him.

Following Sturm's death at the hands of his former minion, Black Hole effectively split into two sub-factions. The original Black Hole continued on, minus Flak and Adder, with Hawke in command and Lash below him (it is, however, implied by Adder's CO profile that he still works for Black Hole below Hawke). The Bolt Guard was led by Von Bolt, and contained Kindle, Koal and the robotic Jugger. These two sub-factions worked together initially on the plan to drain the land's resources. Black Hole again developed new weapons, including the new Oozium. Eventually, rifts appeared, and Hawke decided to find out what Kindle was up to. Kindle attempted to kill Hawke and Lash with Oozium. They stole a small contingent of units and escaped, but were saved by the Allied Nations.

The original Black Hole joined forces with the other four armies, while the Bolt Guard continued the to drain the land. Hawke and Lash worked with the alliance to destroy Black Hole's satellite weapon, Black Onyx.

The Bolt Guard - now the only members of Black Hole - renewed their efforts to drain the land. As part of their scheme, they rebuilt Sturm's cloning technology and created clones of Olaf, Drake and Kanbei and finally a second Clone Andy. They were chased back to Von Bolt's hideout, where they were creating their most dangerous weapon, the Grand Bolt. This ginormous Oozium was designed to suck up the land's resources, and was destroyed by the alliance. Hawke confronted Von Bolt as the Black Hole base collapsed. It is implied by Kindle that both escaped, and that Hawke was able to escape with the resource-draining chair.


Original Black Hole

  • Sturm: The Original Black Hole Commander-in-Chief. All Units have superior firepower with equal movement across all terrain, but is weak in Snow.
  • Clone Andy: An Andy Clone that caused a lot of problems behind the scenes. Same specifics as Andy.
  • Flak: A Black Hole Commander that loves to destroy things. Because of this, his technique suffers, and drops in firepower are possible as well.
  • Lash: A Black Hole Commander, and the genius behind many of their inventions. Her units are stronger on terrain types that give higher Defense ratings.
  • Adder: A Black Hole Commander. He is adept at making quick decisions and has the shortest charge time for his CO Powers.
  • Hawke: A Black Hole Commander. His units have high firepower, but his CO Powers take some time to charge up.

Bolt Guard

  • Von Bolt: The Commander who filled the vacuum of power after Sturm's demise. His units have superior firepower and Defense, but all Tag Powers lose 10% of their power when allied with him.
  • Kindle: A Bolt Guard Commander that serves under Von Bolt. Her units are stronger fighting on a Property, usually Cities.
  • Jugger: A Bolt Guard Commander that serves under Von Bolt. His units are stronger when fighting on a road, and like Adder his CO Power meter charges quickly.
  • Koal: A Bolt Guard Commander that serves under Von Bolt. Programmed to destroy, but a lack of technique similar to Flak sometimes causes drops in firepower.
  • Clone Andy: A clone of Andy fought in Chapter 26. Has the same combat specifics as Andy.
  • Clone Olaf: A clone of Andy fought in Chapter 23. Has the same skills as the original.
  • Clone Drake: A clone of Drake fought in Chapter 24. Has the same skills as Drake, and Fog of War is cast in this mission due to Rain.
  • Clone Kanbei: A clone of Emperor Kanbei fought in Chapter 25, Ring of Fire. Has the same skills as the original Kanbei.

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