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Name Andy
Army Orange Star
CO Power Hyper Repair
Super CO Power Hyper Upgrade
Appears In Advance Wars
Black Hole Rising
Dual Strike
Specialty Unspecified


[edit] Background

Andy is the main protagonist of the Original Advance Wars Saga. Though young, and naive at times, Andy has a knack for mechanics, and defends his friends. He is known to be one of the most inexperienced COs in the game. Fighting for Orange Star, Andy teams up with Max, Sami, and Nell to defend their nation when attacked early on by Blue Moon, and then is a key player in uniting Cosmo Land to combat Sturm and the Black Hole Army. The fact that his units have no strengths or weaknesses, coupled with fact that his CO powers allow him to heal his own units, make him a versatile and formidable CO.

Andy does not appear in the campaign of Advance Wars: Dual Strike. However, another clone of him fights alongside Kindle. He is playable in other modes of the game. Andy is playable in the hard campaign and other game modes such as War Room.

He is cloned twice by the Black Hole Army. In Advance Wars Sturm uses the cloned version of Andy to trick the other nations to attack the Orange Star. The second clone is seen during Advance Wars: Dual Strike under Von Bolt's command.

[edit] CO Powers

[edit] Hyper Repair

Hyper Repair increases the health of each controlled Unit by 2, along with a small firepower boost.

[edit] Hyper Upgrade

Hyper Upgrade increases the health of each controlled unit by 5, an increase in firepower by +20%, and movement range by +1.

[edit] Tips

Andy is great at taking advantage of opponent's weaknesses, be it reduced firepower, reduced firing range, etc., an advantage of being balanced in combat.

In a Tag Battle, Andy is at his best with Max, Eagle or Hawke.

[edit] Notes

  • Andy is called Ryo in the Japanese versions of Advance Wars.

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