Advance Wars: Days of Ruin

Days of Ruin
DOR Boxart.jpg
Advance Wars Days of Ruin Boxart
Developer(s) Intelligent Systems
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Genre Turn-based
Theme(s) Post-Apocalyptic, Military
Release Date(s) NA: Jan 21, 08
Europe: Jan 25, 08
Platform(s) DS
Saga Days of Ruin
Players 1-4
Multiplayer Single Cartridge, Ad-Hoc, Wifi

Advance Wars returns to the Nintendo DS with Days of Ruin, a new installment in the successful strategy series. Days of Ruin has a much darker storyline, and none of the COs from the last three installments return.



In a world where ninety percent of mankind has been wiped due to the planet being affected by natural disasters caused by a large meteor shower, a young commander named Will will take part in a military conflict in order to try to survive.


You take over as a young Commanding Officer named Will.


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War Room

In an extremely contraversial swap - Days of Ruin did not feature a War Room, but instead held Trial Maps which a player could unlock as he completed parts of the campaign. Trial maps were very similar to the old War Room, just presented in a different style. Some say that the War Room was scrapped to make room for the Wi-Fi Multiplayer.


DoR was the first Advance Wars game to feature online multiplayer over the Nintendo Wi-fi Connection. Players can exchange Friend Codes and play against friends or be paired randomly against designated opponents world wide.

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