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Adder as he appears in Dual Strike.
Name NA: Adder
EU: Adder
JP: Snake
Army Black Hole
CO Power Sideslip
Super CO Power Sidewinder (Snakebite in PAL AW2)
Appears In AW2, AWDS


[edit] Profile

Adder was a CO of the Black Hole army. Adder was not as high in rank as Hawke or Sturm but still a capable CO. He was physically very pale, thin and tall and had long purple hair, contributing to his similarities with a snake. He apparently loved the sight of his own face, and disliked dirt. He was redesigned for his smaller role in Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

[edit] Story

Adder was in charge of the Yellow Comet invasion in the Macro Land conflicts. He deployed several new Black Hole inventions, including the Laser weapons. Adder's gigantic fortress was rendered pointless by Sonja when she destroyed its armaments. Adder formulated a plan to trick Yellow Comet, by laying siege to their cities. He assumed that if they attempted to save the cities they would be destroyed by the lasers. If not and they stayed put, he would circulate news of their decision not to save their people. This plan failed, as Kanbei's forces successfuly crushed the invasion. He also attempted to fool Yellow Comet by inviting them to talks of a peace deal. Sensei successfully saw through the trick and threw Adder out. Adder also played more minor roles in the invasions of the other territories.

Adder's original appearance in Advance Wars 2.

After Sturm's demise, Adder apparently left the Black Hole army, along with Flak. Both, however, were playable COs in Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

[edit] Co Power


  • +1 Movement for all units.
  • 110% attack and defense for all units.

[edit] Super Co Power


  • +2 Movement for all units.
  • 110% attack and defense for all units.

[edit] Tactics

Adder's units are average in both strength and resistance. His unique trait is his ability to fire off CO Powers quickly, which boosts the movement range of his units. The extra movement bonus is very handy in battle because it means that your infantry can move to capture building faster and it means that you can use your direct damage units more aggressively. Also, you should use one of your CO powers if you want to make sudden break for it towards the enemies base, taking them relatively by surprise. Another good use for the movement increases is when you need to make a sudden retreat or if you want to bring in reinforcements quickly. If you are going to be using your CO powers often, you should always use Sideslip because it is much more efficient than Sidewinder (see below).

As all of Adder's units have average firepower, he is pretty versatile and can adapt to any strategy as necessary. This makes Adder pretty good for countering specialized CO's such as Drake because he has no weaknesses in any type of combat.

When other CO's use their powers they will use one more star in addition to the Power's cost. If Adder has a full Power meter and uses his normal CO Power (which uses 2 Stars) he will have 2 stars remaining instead of 3, this gives Adder a good advantage because it means he can use another CO Power straight away on his next turn. This makes sense because Sideslip and Sidewinder both gain +10% attack and defence meaning Sideslip is better if you are going to be using it repeatedly.

[edit] Notes

  • Adders CO power bar does not actually charge faster like some people think it does, instead, it seems to charge faster because his CO power bar is only 2 stars long versus 4 to 5 stars for other COs.

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